“Gwen Delicious Jewelry creates jewelry in a category all of it’s own.  Should it be completely necessary to state the fact that her works are in all ways fantastic and very elegant, ready to be worn and adored by all”

- Paige Devries – ACF Magazine 10th Anniversary Edition 

I have loved design since my early childhood, spending countless hours in my dad’s studio watching him design and create. It was after having our first child that I decided to start Gwen Delicious Jewelry Designs, as an outlet for my creativity - designing and creating at night as we had a small child and we were both working full-time jobs. I was so fortunate to find customers in the online world who loved my creations and provided me the with confidence to continue.

Our second child was born in 2011 with heart complications requiring two open-heart surgeries before she was six months old. We had no idea what the future held and we decided that I would forgo my day job, be a full-time mom working solely on Gwen Delicious Jewelry, and see what happens. The company, which started as a part-time creative outlet, accidentally by life events had now turned into my full time job.
Over the next few years, as the kids and company grew, my husband Matt left his day job to work in our company taking over many of the production duties that had evolved and leaving me the room and time to design and create.

We call beautiful Victoria, British Columbia home where I create and design original pieces inspired by my love, my favourite childhood memories, the rugged wilderness that surrounds us and my passion for clean and modern lines. I hope all of my work brings to you a sense of my love for the old and the new in designs that transcend time.