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Custom Wax Seal Necklace by Gwen Delicious Jewelry - Usable Seal Stamp

My wax seal stamper necklaces have been so much fun to create, I have been asked by customers if I would be expanding the line to include customs designs. Finally I am thrilled to have combined my wax seal stampers our ability to engrave custom designs, names, you dream it we can do it! This necklace becomes your personalize wax seal stamper and an amazingly unique piece of jewelry! am so pleased with how they have turned out. I found a beautiful antique watch fob which I added a blank to the bottom, then cast it in solid bronze and silver white bronze and is not only an unique necklace but could also be used to seal your secret message.

Wax seals were either a design or an initial placed on a letter as a mark of genuineness or authenticity by being closed with a wafer of molten wax into which was pressed the distinctive seal of the sender.

Each seal measures 1" tall by 5/8"" wide and is suspended on a matching chain in your desired length.

**All pieces come in a customized Gwen Delicious Gift Box.

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