Trilobite Fossil Ring

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As a child I loved to wonder the museum, looking at all of the exhibits. Getting lost going through time. One of my favourites was the fossils. The mystery they held, their shapes, being capture in stone for all time. I found them truly amazing. I knew I had to capture their beauty and immortalize them to celebrate the past. Immortalized - A first in my series of fossil jewelry. Each piece is hand cast from an actual fossil in bronze. The trilobite used in this adjustable ring is over 540 million years old and is from Paleozoic Era. It's intricate beetle like shape is nothing but amazing. These bronze trilobites measure 33 mm x 23mm. You can see from the pictures that it is equally stunning from both sides. Wearing your own piece of history. This gorgeous bronze piece is mounted on an adjustable ring base. The ring is adjustable from a size 5 up to a 9 .


5 to 9

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