Squirrel Wood Necklace


Living on the west coast nature surrounds my daily life. Late last summer we took a hike with our family, it was then that I envisioned jewelry that would provide a true west coast feel, but still have my love for modern and simple. As I looked up at the amazingly huge trees, I knew I wanted to incorporate wood into the design something I have not done before. I came home and began to sketch out designs that would be carved into the wood. The final result was better than I could originally have envisioned. So what do you get when you combine a sterling Silver Plated Bezel hand crafted in the USA, a stunning design carved into a gorgeous round of mahogany that you can actually see marvellous gold flecks when in the sunlight and a crystal clear finish that not only UV protects the necklace but also creates a waterproof seal?

I am so excited to share my latest design adventure. This cute little squirrel is carved into mahogany and then set into a 19mm solid silver plated bezel. I have then added my secret finish that protects the pendant. I have suspended the stunning charm on a rhodium plated nickel free silver chain - you can choose your desired chain length upon checkout.